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We custom mill locally sourced Non~GMO grain along with Fertrell® Nutri-Balancers to support animal health and improve performance.

We are Victor and Dana Gascon.   Over the years we have become more health conscious because of health issues in our family. Condensing the story, one of the best things we did was buying local pasture raised beef,  pork and poultry, including eggs. 

Now raising our own poultry for eggs, we wanted optimum nutrition and clean food with no toxic pesticides. 

We accomplished that with the help of Trevor and Ingrid Benson at TIGA Acres, the  Fertrell® Dealer for Canada, who introduced us to the Fertrell® Nutri-Balancers and Aragonite. These products provide superior bio-available nutrition and calcium for egg and feather production as well as healthy growth and are approved for use in organic agriculture.  We sourced all the other ingredients from farmers listed by the Alberta Organic Producers Association. We are also thankful to have the help of Jeff Mattocks & Alyssa Walsh, both animal nutritionists at The Fertrell® Company, to be able to suggest balanced and proven rations to our customers.  

 Pesticides correlate with 2 things: environmental toxicity and human/animal health problems.  It’s worth getting in touch with us if optimum nutrition for your animal is important to you.


 Low inventory enables us to ensure the freshness of our stock.  We mill on request for even more freshness.


Organic farming begins with nourishment of soil,  there in leads to nourishment of the plant, which carries on to the animal, then to our plates.


Starts with Organic ingredients for better flavour. We source and inspect product for proper cleaning and condition.

How it Works?

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1. Get a Quote

Specify your preference, we will verify with Fertrell® to ensure optimum nutrition. You can view our price list in Blends & Order Form Tabs below. Select bag size, we bag 50 lbs and larger.

2. We Blend & Bag

The blend can be with or without the Fertrell nutritional booster, it's up to you. Give us time to get your order together. We call you when it's ready for pick up.

3. Delivery Available

We can arrange delivery and work out best option. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions you may have. We are happy to help, just ask us!

Advantage of Fertrell®

Video courtesy of TIGA Acres.

Poultry Nutri-Balancer

Highlights From The Video


Animals are healthier from inside out because of higher vitamin content. Therefore able to fight off disease better and better performance.

PNB mix compared to feed with no added mixed vitamins, has 1-2lb better weight gain.


Mortality rate significantly lower with added PNB.

Fertrell® Aragonite

Aragonite is Fertrell’s preferred form of calcium for animals. It generally runs at about a 38% calcium. Similar to lime, aragonite is a calcium carbonate, but the biggest difference is that limestone is rock while aragonite is predigested seashells. Because aragonite is already digested, it makes the calcium more available to the animal.
Over the past 20+ years of working with poultry growers. Fertrell has experienced better calcium utilization by poultry when using aragonite.
Alyssa Walsh
Dry Aragonite is a superior form of organic calcium that will benefit both swine and poultry and other livestock species. Aragonite promotes strong bones, enhances milk and egg production, with the added benefit of efficient weight gain, feed utilization and muscle tone.
Mike Stuart